Elizabeth Fields is a musical director, a singer/songwriter and a multi –instrumentalist.   


Having played in bands and performed as a solo artist,  Elizabeth Fields has developed a definitive style that many have compared to the likes of Kate Bush,  The Average White Band,  The Chili Peppers,  Seal,  Sade and Norah Jones to name but a few.  However,  Elizabeth Fields has still managed to maintain a unique and individual quality to her music which is all her own.  Think Neo-Jazz/Funk/Folk/Blues/World music and you will be somewhere close. 

Elizabeth Fields has enjoyed a number of excellent gigs including at Ronnie Scotts, The Genting Arena,  The Trumpet in Bilston,  JB’s,  The Robin 2,  Katie Fitzgeralds and The Malthouse in Ironbridge.  She has supported Barry Gibb, Joyce Sims,  plus local lads Ben Drummond and Scott Matthews. 

She has just released her debut album ‘100,000 Welcomes’, on her own record label,  Fire and Rain Records.  (Even after being offered an I Tunes deal from Revolver Records in Wolverhampton). 


Her new single,  ‘Don’t Wanna Know It’, has already charted on the My Space Jazz charts.  The album and singles are available to digitally download on CD Baby-Elizabeth Fields.

‘100,000 Welcomes’,  the album is a neo-World fusion album which crosses musical genres.  It’s name came about when Elizabeth Fields visited Ireland.  The Irish,  commonly have signs above their doors saying,  ‘Caed Mead Failte’,  which means,  ‘100,000 Welcomes’.  She loved the idea that ‘100,000 Welcomes’,  were waiting at the door and so she then expanded on this concept for the album’s title track of,  ‘100,000 Welcomes’.  The album was a ten year project involving up to fifty different musicians and artists.  Including Stevie Wonder and The Dhol Foundation’s local tabla player Parvinder Bharat, who is an old friend.  Ian Reid, Beverley Knight’s musical director /bass player and the bass player for Ronnie Jordan.  Plus,  Vix from Fuzzbox who guested on backing vocals. 


The album was tracked and mixed by Gavin Monaghan,  (Ocean Colour Scene/The Editors/Manic Street Preachers),  Tracked and mixed by Mark V. Stuart (Magnum) , tracked by Rich Mowatt (Solarstone)and was tracked and mixed by John Stewart.  (Weak 13) It  was mastered by Rob Wolverson (Reuben Archer’s Personal Sin/Stampede), Mark V. Stuart and Gavin Monaghan. 


I hope you enjoy  listening to my music.  With love from Elizabeth Fields x